Dating and Pogs, things that are frustrating if not done right.

So recently I’ve been reevaluating my stance on some things. Mainly dating and Pogs; allow me to elaborate.

Clearly these kids know about pogs and dating.

I’ll start with what is most likely more pertinent to anyone reading this, dating. As a college student dating can be very frustrating for males and females alike. Most of the time there seems to be this constant unseen universal force that always pairs you with just the wrong person. You’re looking for a serious relationship, and they’re looking for one fun night. You’re looking for a one night stand, and they’re looking for marriage. You’re trying to remember their name, and they say you guys had great conversations the night before. Anyways you get the point, finding the right person is hard.

But I think that the way dating is approached in college is really the source of all the problems. It seems like the second one single person meets another they size each other up as a potential lover or boyfriend/girlfriend. Then if they pass the looks test, and you can stand them for more than a couple hours suddenly it’s decided a date is in order. This is the thing: any good relationship is based on a good friendship. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to become best friends before showing any interest in romance but you should at least feel some form of familiarity.

While this may seem backwards to many, and bring up fears of the dreaded friend zone (See Scrubs Clip Below) it really is for the best if done right. When you talk to someone as friends there isn’t nearly as much pressure as exists in a dating environment, and you can figure out what the person is looking for from life and romance. Also it can help you avoid sending the wrong message and keeping a new friend. A first date gone wrong usually results in the two of you never talking again, while if you can realize you don’t even want the first date you’ve just made a new friend. I think if people realized that dating will occur naturally if it’s right then everything would just go a lot smoother.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for…POGS!

Let me refresh your memory on pogs. They are tiny circles made of cardboard with a design on the front. This design was most commonly an eightball, the word poison, or if you were lucky both! Also, at the height of the phase “Make your own Pog” machines started popping up and the true potential of POGS was realized.

The true potential of Pogs.

The true potential of Pogs.

But these were no mere collectibles, they also served a purpose in the game that was pogs.

Taken from Wikipedia: “The game can be played by two or more players. Each has their own collection of pogs and a slammer (a heavier game piece).
Before the game, players decide whether to play ‘for keeps’, or not. ‘For keeps’ implies that the players keep the POGs that they win, and forfeit those that have been won by other players. Finally, the game can begin as followed:

  1. The players each contribute an equal number of pogs to build a stack with the pieces facing down, which will be used during the game.
  2. The players take turns throwing their slammer (also called a ‘kini’) down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the POGs to scatter.
  3. Oftentimes, a special juke (also called a ‘slam frizz’) is used by the defender to prevent the slammer from overturning more pogs. Jukes include screaming, taunting the opponent, waving hands, slapping, or other distracting moves.
  4. Each player keeps any POGs that land ‘face up’ after their throw.
  5. After each throw, the POGs which have landed ‘face down’ are then re-stacked for the next player.
  6. When no POGs remain in the stack, the player with the most POGs is the ‘winner’.
  7. All players keep the POGs which they have collected (if playing for keeps), or redistribute them to their original owners.

There are also street rules for those who still play, such as skipping your turn to try and reflip an opponent’s pogs into the upright position, combo moves (catching and re-throwing the slammer), and advanced slam frizz techniques including full contact. These rules are not used in sanctioned competitions”

Wow, I think wikipedia does a fantastic job of articulating the high speed and intense action of pogs. I remember back in the school yard when my friend little johnny (in the 90’s everyone under the age of ten had the word little added to the front of their name, it was embarassing for me…little willie) would slap me in an attempt to juke and get the most pogs. But when we played for keeps, it was always street rules. Life on the streets is hard, but it’s real.

Anyways, i’ve written entirely too much about POGS already so I will leave you with this little morsel: my roommate and I are currently creating a game simply known as beer pog. Updates later.


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  1. grammar check, second-to-last sentence: should be “my roommates and I.”

    I didn’t know you had a blog. Thank you status updates tab on facebook.

  2. Why thank you Meryl, it is fixed. I’m all about making sure my posts are grammatically correct so let me know whenever you see those mistakes.

    Yeah! I try to promote it when i write something semi worthwhile to other people.

  3. Uh… hey. So you’ve made an ancient middle school picture of me the third google image result for pogs. I’m kind of pumped. Thanks bro.

  4. Haha, I am so glad that you found this and that I could make your day.

    I’ll have to find some old middle school pictures of myself and post them someday so you can see my amazing amounts of awkwardness as well.

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