VOTE. You get free stuff!

So people can give you loads of reasons to vote. Millions of people have died through the centuries just so they could have their freedom and voices heard. Or if you don’t vote you can’t complain about the president. Or why not? But forget all that, I’m not here to preach a whole “holier-than-thou” feeling you may receive from voting. I want to show you tangible, and oftentimes delicious, rewards of voting. Read more if you want to know why voting will not only help your nation, but actually help your wallet.

Although dunkin donuts is not giving away something free, krispy kreme is.

Although dunkin donuts is not giving away something free, krispy kreme is.

First off, most of these offers are geared towards Baltimore-ians seeing as that’s where i live. However some are nationwide chains, and in my search for free things i have found many California or Florida exclusive free offers as well. Search a little for yourself if you don’t live in Baltimore, it’ll be worth it.

Offer 1 (The one everyone knows about): Starbucks will give you a free tall coffee if you come in on november 4th. Details here.

Offer 2: Krispy Kreme is giving out a free star shaped donut to anyone who votes on November 4th. Details here.

Offer 3: Free scoop of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream if you voted. Details here.

Offer 4: Free meal from Shane’s Rib Shack. Details Here. (If you have never heard of this place, don’t worry, I looked it up and there is one in Laurel, MD) Also noteworthy is the fact that they take your “I voted” sticker and give you an “I voted, and got a free meal at Shane’s Rib Shack” sticker.

Offer 5: Free Taco from California Tortilla. Details Here. Just click on the locations tab, they have one on Pratt street in Baltimore just a ways down from a Ben and Jerry’s and also one in Columbia. I also find it awesomely hilarious that they have both Obama and McCain themed burritos.

Offer 6: Free beer, or free soda from Todd Conners bar for voting. Details Here.

Offer 7: A free song from the band Wilco! Details Here.

Finally I have one offer a few people on the internet have been claiming they received in an e-mail which is that Books-A-Million is giving a free cup of coffee to voters who stop by. If you’re near one, go for it, if not I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Next time you need to convince that apathetic friend voting is important, entice him instead of lecturing. I promise the results will be much better.

I love free stuff!



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  1. bloggers commenting on the election day free starbucks offer-

    blogger1: “Way to go Starbucks! They don’t have to do this.”

    blogger2: Yeah, and they don’t have to overcharge you for a cup of coffee every morning, either, you moron.


  2. Honestly it will probably help their business more than hinder it. People are impressed they’re doing this, and yet they make so much money any money lost in one day will easily be made up the next.

    Oh corporate america. Thank god when Obama wins communism will take back over.(/sarcasm)

  3. how is it that california tortilla doesn’t have any locations in CA?

  4. It’s to keep up the illusion that California is just a little better than the rest of the country. In California it’s probably called New York tortilla or something.

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