New Hellogoodbye!

I recently stumbled onto some new music by Hellogoodbye and was instantly smitten by it, check it out:

Also considering the poor college student I am I love pirating music so I found a download for it too!

The song is called “The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps” and you can download it right here.

Hellogoodbye has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and sometimes i just love dancing my bad white boy dance to their music. That being said, they’re coming to Baltimore! I want to do my bad white boy dance in public, but alas none of my friends (in the state) actually like them.

Did you enjoy what you just heard? If so let’s go to the Hellogoodbye show together this Friday at 7pm at Sonar. O.K., so not if you’re a complete stranger. However acquaintances who are reading this who I may not know like Hellogoodbye, hit me up.

Dammit, I’m pitiful.



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  1. when/ where are they playing in philly? you know i’d be in md in a second if it wasn’t tech weekend!

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