I’m just curious, does anyone out there know what they’re doing?

No, I don’t mean tomorrow, or the next day, or in the next couple years. I mean, why? Why are you still in college? Why are you chasing that hopeless love? Why are you happy?

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing exactly what life and the people around me expect. And then when I don’t do that I still feel like I’m doing what is expected by doing what is unexpected. That doesn’t make any sense…

I guess I just wonder if everyone, at the end of the day, is chasing after the same thing. I mean in whatever way we’re doing it, we just want to be happy. I think the whole point of it all is doing everything you can until you find out exactly what happiness is.

For me, it’s love. Well at least I think it is. I feel like everything is predictable, and measurable, and explored, and analyzed, and solved, and whatever else. But love is different. It’s like that one thing that no one can really explain. It goes against our instincts, it goes against our culture (homosexuals, just one example), and it just doesn’t make sense. People aren’t trustworthy, they will hurt you. It never ever works out like you think it will, or maybe it always works out how you think it will. It makes life hard, it’s distracting, and it’s so scary.

Yet, myself and so many others are after that one person who will just make them feel understood. To make them feel not so alone. And suddenly it makes sense. We are all so alone, people come and go, and life changes, and we accept it all. But what if you could find someone who didn’t leave? What if you could find someone to experience life with you? What if you found someone who just got it?

I’m not saying only romantic love, because for some people that’s not what they need or want. Sometimes it’s a parent or parental figure that people are looking for. Sometimes it’s that best friend who, no matter time or distance, you never skip a beat with.

The term Hopeless Romantic has always angered me. It’s saying that passion for love is foolish in this kind of world, and that you’re just another hopeless case. Then I realized anyone who is considered a hopeless romantic is only hopeless to those looking in. From where they stand hope is the only driving force, because what else can you have in the face of so much resistance? Love has no tangible proof, it has no sure way to success, it has no handbooks. The only thing that can guide you to it is an unrelenting belief that it exists, and the hope that with all the risks of love the reward can only be one of the greatest things out there.

And in that I think Hopeless Romantics can find hope. It’s not hopeless, and the second you admit it is you’ll lose it.

Best of luck from a hopeful romantic,


P.S.-Sorry that was so scatterbrained and mushy, I promise I’ll provide entertainment in the next post.

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  1. I have no idea what I’m doing.

  2. I swear, even the most composed people have no idea.

    It’s comforting to know we’re all together in our cluelessness.

  3. “From where they stand hope is the only driving force, because what else can you have in the face of so much resistance?”

    That’s my favorite part.

  4. THIS is the willie I know. In some ways you haven’t changed a bit. And I like it.

  5. way to be a bitch

  6. At least i’m not an asshole…

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