Don’t Call it a Comeback

What the hell is this video about?

Why haven’t I written in a really long time?

How can you predict what your future child will look like?

All these questions, and more, shall be answered…

So first off I want to explain plainly that I have absolutely no clue what that video is about. I don’t know what movie it came from, why it exists, nor what deeper secrets it may hold. I’m sorry I used such trickery to convince you into delving farther into this post. However, I will genuinely be showing you a way to predict what your future child may look like with another person.

Before that I just want to slightly elaborate on my extended absence from blogging. The biggest and simplest answer is FINALS. This can include, but is not limited to, final exams, final projects, final classes, final shifts at work, and final countdowns. I have been utterly swamped and had very little time to myself. That being said there are lots of things I want to catch you guys up on, but more on that later.

Volkswagen may have used their babymaker technology to combine a V and a W to come up with a logo

Volkswagen may have used their babymaker technology to combine a V and a W to create the logo that you see featured here.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Volkswagen commercials lately which have attempted to be the hippest of the hip. While many times they have failed, I have found one great success. This being the Routan Baby Maker 3000. The “advanced” technology of the baby maker allows one to take two photos and see the resulting child from their melding. I haven’t played around with it nearly enough but surely it has near endless entertainment value. When finals are officially done I will definitely be making some interesting baby combinations.

Sorry I have to cut this post so short but check back soon because I have some great topics coming up:

-Urban Exploration

-Christmas Sweaters

-What would it look like if Barack and McCain had a child? What about pikachu and Hilary Clinton? Rob Thomas and Sinbad anyone? Regardless I will be playing around with the babymaker and showing you all the hideous results.

-Some new music I have discovered lately

-Why I think our economy is going to shit (Maybe it has something to do with this…)

Wish me luck on my finals,



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  1. Awsome, i have made some stopmo videos of my Plush Pokemon and put them on youtube, you can check them out by searching stopmo plushpoke.


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