My first ever DreamBlog Post.

Randomly found when I googled the word dream, not my own work.

Randomly found when I googled the word "dream", not my own work.

So this post won’t be like the others because frankly I just want to write down my dreams from last night. I hope this is the first of many such posts and will write them as long as I remember in the morning. Don’t feel obligated to read through this because like I said it’s just going to be my dreams (I’ll probably censor the sexual stuff and won’t always use people’s real names who appear in the dreams)

So when I remember my dreams I usually remember having had three dreams. Occasionally these three flow together loosely, but most of the time they are unrelated and I remember some better than others. That being said here are my three dreams from last night:

Dream #1:

I was essentially this character, Travis.

I was essentially this character, "Travis".

So I’m sure many of you haven’t played the video game “No More Heroes”, where you are an assassin and go through town killing a very interesting group of scoundrels, but it’s a great game. In my first dream I was an assassin who used what was essentially a “gunblade”, a gun as the handle with limited shooting capabilities attached to a large sword. I met a girl with short black hair at a bar and we became very friendly. (Read “sexual”) Eventually she blurts out that she was sent to kill me and that we have to fight, she apologizes that she has to kill me and claims that she has fallen for me so it will be very hard. We fight each other, she was using lots of various throwing blades, and eventually she seems very hurt. I try to stop and tell her we don’t have to fight anymore, and that I’ll let her live but she isn’t having it. She tells me that If I don’t kill her she will eventually kill me, she has to. I just can’t do it though and eventually leave her wounded and get away.

Dream #2:

Me and my mom are coming home and we see my stepdad’s car get hit by our neighbor. Then I realize that our neighbors daughter and her boyfriend are in my car. I get extremely frustrated and start yelling at them. Then our neighbor’s wife comes out and starts yelling at me that it isn’t my car and that mine is parked across the street. I apologize and go to my car. Then my mom and neighbors wife try to figure out what happened with their husbands in the car crash earlier. Dream ends. (These weren’t real neighbors i’ve ever had. The daughter and boyfriend were crying. And also the reason it wasn’t my car was because it was a convertible black mustang.)

Dream #3:

It starts out with me comforting my friend Sarah because she is late for her surgery. However it turns out that for some reason she is short and has long blonde hair. So eventually I tell her that even though it is 2pm and her surgery was at 5am it will all be ok because we can go get some food. So I pick her up and we go to the cafeteria (I don’t know exactly what cafeteria) and I decide I really want stuffed crust pizza. So even though Sarah doesn’t want Pizza she says she’ll wait in line with me. We hold hands and talk in line until I realize everyone is getting one free slice of pizza because it’s free pizza day. I order my two pieces of stuffed crust pizza and they keep bringing out the wrong order. To appease me they start giving me free hotdogs. Eventually Sarah says “I’m sorry, I can’t wait for you anymore.” for some reason this is overly dramatic and she says she’ll never see me again. I finally get my pizza and they charge me $13.47 I get outraged because I had one free slice of pizza and the hotdogs were supposed to be free. I pay anyways, and meet up with Charlie. We talk about how bad prices are for food and decide to try and find free food. Eventually we run into my friend Tyler (we are all now at an amusement park) who gives us free food coupons up to $5. Me and Charlie are really excited and search for more. Nick and Steph run into us when we are all waiting in line for a ride. Nick gives us lots more coupons and is laughing the whole time. After we walk away Charlie and me realize that all of Nick’s coupons are expired, and so are Tyler’s. We throw them in a trashcan and walk off into the distance talking about how lunch will just always have to be expensive.

Wow…weird. Like I said, I’m really writing these down for me and for some degree of entertainment for the people involved in them. I know there are random details like the price of my food but I feel like If I remember something like that from the dream it must mean something. There will be more of these to come whenever I remember dreams. Check out their weirdness if you want.

Keep on dreaming,


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  1. Wow, this is a grammatical train wreck. Excuse it for now and I’ll go back and edit later.

  2. damn high food prices! dream of cici’s then we can always have inexpensive lunch… and screw nick! who does he think he is prankin on us?

  3. you have been having so many anxiety dreams about my surgery! haha ❤

  4. I know! Also I swear my back has been hurting lately with sympathy pains.

  5. We’ll always fight the man and high food prices!

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