So today I was discussing my favorite Christmas movies with my friend Nick. I came up with these three, in no particular order: Love Actually, Elf, and Jingle All the Way. While the first two are instantly recognizable, many of you may not know “Jingle All the Way”. It is a classic late 90’s movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The basic plot is that he needs a “turboman” doll for Christmas and Sinbad is his rival in attempting to get said doll. There are midgets and jetpacks scattered throughout. Overall, it is one of my favorites for the pure unintentional comedy.

In turn I decided to find a clip and share it with everyone. Then I remembered he was also Mr. Freeze in the terrible mid 90’s Batman movie and found a clip of that as well. Enjoy:

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  1. The best part of Jingle All the Way is when Arnold fights all the Santa Clauses (Clausi?)

    And I have much love for the other two movies as well. Though I think a majority of my love for Elf actually stems from my love for Zooey Deschanel ❤

  2. Jingle All the Way is a hidden gem of a Christmas movie. Don’t forget it also stars Sinbad who my friend Dan Bartock believes is the greatest black comedian of our generation. Elf is alright and Love Actually is a terrific movie.

  3. Did you forget a clip of Governor Schwarzenegger discussing environmental policy?

  4. I don’t know if you could ever find one best part of jingle all the way. Although the midget Santa Claus fighting him is really great. When Arnold uses a jetpack is equally as great. Oh Zooey ❤

    At first i tried to figure out who wrote that…then i saw the picture and knew it was Renny. Sinbad? Really? Wow…

  5. Although maybe it’s not Renny cause he has his own user blog…hmmm.

    Oh I didn’t even want to go into his real life. I’m sure there are priceless numbers of clips there.

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