I’m so frustrated with my love life it’s not even funny.

Why can’t something good happen, and just be good? I went on a date wednesday night. It was wonderful, we talked for hours. We kissed 4 times. We talked about doing it again next week.

Today I called her. She met someone else in the last 3 days. Sorry, but it’s just going really well with this person. I guess they talked for longer, or kissed more, or something.

I’m ok when I can figure out, or see what went wrong. I’m not so ok when i can’t.

I’m seriously on the verge of giving up.

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  1. Looks like an exboyfriend got back into her good graces… definietly the only explaination for the speed. Those douche bags are insideous when they break up with someone thinking they can have their pick of girls only to realize they’re sad and lonely. She’ll figure out later she did a dumb thing.

  2. Thats actually semi accurate. It was a boy she liked for a long time who admitted he liked her.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in saying she’ll later figure out she did a dumb thing.

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