Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee Photo Shoot

So this will be quite possibly my lamest post ever. I had some kittens over the other night to sleep over and the next morning I took a couple of videos and entirely too many photos of them all playing together.

Vicious killer kitty instinct.

When people tell me taking pictures of cats is an unmanly thing to do, I show them this one.

There were four of them, and they are definitely much rowdier than the other kittens that have come through, but it was awesome to have for one night. Hopefully there will be another sleepover soon.

Posing for the shot

Posing for the shot

If I feel so inclined, I may very well change one or two of these into a lolcat. I think the best one for it is the next picture…


This is clearly aching to be a lolcat.

Anyways, I don’t want to boggle your browsers down with the other pictures or two videos but I’ll post all that after the break: (more…)


Cat Related Entertainment

For quite some time now I have been finding myself hysterical when it comes to a good cat joke. I don’t know what it is, but they get me every time. While I know some people may not share my particular affinity for them, anyone who has ever owned a cat will find this hilarious:

This is one of many ways to know if your cat is preparing to kill you.

This is one of many ways to know if your cat is preparing to kill you.

To read the rest click on the picture, or go to this website. At the bottom of the page are other hilarious links that have a simmiliar type of humor (albeit without relation to cats).

If I had to guess, I would have to say LOL Cats brought back cat humor to its former glory. OK, so maybe it never had former glory, but LOL Cats are still fantastic. Another great source for cat humors return has been “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Allow me to give you some examples:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Agent Jack Bauer, a Junkyard Cat born in puddles of gasoline. He is one BAMF, and I don’t use that term often. However there aren’t many cats out there who can survive an explosion like Jack can.

More It’s Always Sunny, and Cat Jokes after the break…


Just a quick post

Not from the kitten generator, but kittens none the less.

Not from the kitten generator, but kittens none the less.

So this is just a quick post about an amazing website that I found on another blog. (The blog is crapwelike and it’s to the right on my blogroll)

Said website is Random Kitten Generator. This is an amazing website full of happiness. I encourage anyone in a bad mood to go there and feel the happiness. Essentially you go there and there is a cute picture of a kitten or kittens and a button that lets you refresh it for a new picture. Enjoy.


P.S.-As an aside while I was writing this my friend Billy came by and told me of a blog he used to have (and is allegedly going to start up again) where he just wrote about things he hates. The thought entertained me. Here is a quote from the blog “I am a self-centered egomaniac. I’m a raging douchebag.” Hahaha.

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My cat.

Ok, so let me preface this quickly: I don’t want to make this a bitchy blog but something really sad has happened and I’m making an exception. (more…)

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