“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

I’m really happy with:

-Myself (I feel like I am a generally good person, am O.K. with my body image, and feel as if I have really been trying to do my best in classes.)

-My plans (I start teaching at a school in need next week, and I’ll most likely volunteer extra hours because I want to. I’m going to California in a few months where i’ll begin to help plan a national conference for next year.)

-My friends (By this I must specify my friends, not those people who only act cordial in person.)

-My family (We have plenty of problems, but truly there is lots of love.)

Things I’m just done with:

-People who clearly only want me around when it’s convenient.

-Trying to look for love! It’s so hard to stop, and lately I feel like I’m the only single one out of anyone I know, but I want something to occur naturally. If you force a relationship it is destined to fail, if you have a great friendship with someone which blossoms into romance, it will be great.

-Being down on myself. I have made lots of mistakes, most especially in the recent past, but I truly beat myself up over them way too much. I need to just realize that good people can make mistakes too, and what makes them good people is that they learn from their mistakes.

-The past. My future is too bright to be boggled down by it.

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A modern day “Wild Thornberry’s”

Recently, my life goals have changed a bit. I’m not sure how serious I am about this, but if it could happen I would be ecstatic. It all started on a little website called tumbleweedhouses.com On this website someone has come up with a whole “build your own house” idea in mass production. It started with a kid who wanted a tiny house that would be considered more “green”. So he built himself a small 89 square-foot house that would fit on a trailer. It used an extremely small amount of heat and was just generally a cool idea. Since then he has put out many different models and makes, which brings us to my new future.


The Carleton! O.K., so its called the Tarleton, but in honor of the Fresh Prince I am naming it the Carleton.

The Carleton! O.K., so it's called the "Tarleton", but in honor of the Fresh Prince I am naming it the Carleton.

Essentially it is a small one to two person house (if you want to sleep in the same bed) that is easy enough to build on your own. This website will sell you the blueprints and instructions on building the house for a little under $1000 and says that if you’re thrifty you can build the whole thing for $21,000. All the specs and more pictures can be found here. I guess lately I have been building a lot of little things at work, and I did a lot of construction in the commons two summers ago that has all just made me realize how much I love building things.

But, what would I ever use this mobile house for, practically? Then I realized that I could easily go around the country doing sociological research! On top of that, with my teaching certificate, I think it would be appropriate to relate that research to schools. While this is all an idea in the works, I think it would be extremely cool to do.

And that brings us to my “Modern Day Wild Thornberry’s” analogy. Let me refresh your memory on “The Wild Thornberry’s”, it is the story of a family who travels the world by R.V. and studies animals in a tv show manner. The husband and wife work together, the husband being in the show and the wife filming, and bring their children, a monkey, and a wild boy along.

The Wild Thornberrys at their finest.

The Wild Thornberry's at their finest.

While I can only hope that my children will have the ability to talk to animals, and that I will find a boy in the wild to study, I’m not trying to be unrealistic here. I think it would be really great to find a woman who I fall in love with, who would want to travel the country with me. In my ideal setting she would be a photographer or an artist; possibly even a writer. Eventually, as we wanted to have children I would probably settle down in one place, but until then I think we could have some awesome adventures.

Alternatively I  would be merely happy with a normal life where I help build some of my house to a degree and am just a general handyman. So I could always say to my kids “I built that room you sleep in so you better appreciate it!” and then to my grandchildren I could make grandiose lies about how I built a mansion with my bare hands in a week.

I guess in the end it all tells me I want to travel before I’m too old, and I’d really like to build things when I have a family and want a home. Things I am generally happy about.